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Re-Engagement Campaigns

Are you guilty of not speaking to some of your customers for a while?

Our re-engagement programs provide a steady stream of business for your organisation and ensure you don’t lose touch with your hard earned customers

Many businesses focus solely on finding new customers, but what about those that you may have lost touch with? Did you know selling to someone who already knows you is far easier than selling to a cold prospect?

With loyal customers typically accounting for 20% of a company’s total customers but driving 80% of the overall revenue. Our re-engagement telemarketing campaigns will deliver excellent ROI with that all important personal touch that can’t be reached by social media or emails alone.

What is re-engagement?

A re-engagement campaign is a way to reach out to those people, who you have not had time to contact recently, who have previously expressed interest, purchased, or otherwise engaged with your company but have since “gone quite” or disengaged. The goal of these campaigns, is to encourage them to become active once again.

Why should you do a re-engagement campaign?

You have spent valuable time and not to mention probably a good amount of money on gaining these customers in the first place. So, why not try to get the most value out of your efforts?  Don’t let these worthwhile opportunities slip through your fingers and affect your bottom line or worse of all let them buy from your competitors.

Key Benefits:

  • Excellent way to quickly build your customer base.
  • Make sure your customers know the broad range of services you offer
  • A more personalised approach with customised messages targeted to individuals.
  • Increase revenues by reselling or upselling
  • Determine the reason a customer is inactive.
  • Keep your competitors at bay and understand how you can win them back.
  • Strengthen retention of existing customers.
  • Business intelligence for continuous business improvement.
  • Clean your mailing list ready for GDPR compliancy and future campaigns.

There are many reasons why a customer might have disengaged from your company’s products or services. Our campaigns will re-introduce your company to them, provide updates about your new developments and encourage further engagement, either by booking an appointment or scheduling a follow-up call ready for your sales team to pick up from.

Don’t forget with the new GDPR new legislation only around the corner, it is also an ideal time, to clean your lists and make sure you are compliant and ready for future campaigns.

Telemarketing at its best

It’s through the power of conversation that you unlock your company’s true potential. We have the time and the expertise.

Book your Customer Re-engagement Campaign today before those customers are gone forever!

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Let's chat about about our telemarketing service can revolutionise your business.