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Multi channel, human touch

We know that great business comes from the perfect blend of outbound activity and carefully crafted inbound campaigns. Not only will we help you secure new and returning business by generating quality leads for you, but we’ll also develop creative multi-channel inbound campaigns to bring prospect enquires to you.

Although the world moves faster than ever, we’re able to keep up to speed. We’ll get your message directly to your prospects and clients without ever losing quality or the ability to react quickly. Our carefully developed strategies mean that your B2B outbound campaign will deliver quality inbound enquiries.

Digital technology underpins all of our activity at Zone, but we are so much more than anonymous marketers. We the human voice of your business. A world away from the harsh environment of enormous call centres, our telemarketing team brings empathy, warmth and the ability to flex and adapt to each potential lead. Seamlessly marrying digital data capture with a tailored personal approach, our targeted inbound multi-channel campaigns will ensure you stay firmly in your comfort Zone.

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Let's chat about how our telemarketing service can revolutionise your business.

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Let's chat about about our telemarketing service can revolutionise your business.