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Wasn’t digital media supposed to bring about the death of the face-to-face meeting? Wrong again. B2B events are making a real resurgence. So if you’re putting on a show, we can help make sure you get an audience. The right one.

B2B events and exhibitions are once again in vogue. After years of being office-bound, marketers are making a stand – and taking a stand – at specialist trade shows. And they’re running their own events too. The challenge is making sure enough of the right target customers are there to see the show.

Zone are experts in driving delegate attendance for client events. It’s a personalised end-to-end service that begins with researching the target audience and gauging interest – and moves through increasing customer attendance, providing on-site support and following up prospects post-event.

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Let's chat about how our telemarketing service can revolutionise your business.

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Let's chat about about our telemarketing service can revolutionise your business.