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The Golden Rules Of Effective Questioning

The Golden Rules Of Effective Questioning

The golden rules for effective questioning.

Effective questioning is a skill that every telemarketer must learn to master, the questioning process that’s used during a call will often make or break a conversation. A good set of questions can pull out the information you need to build a compelling pitch, it can make your prospect feel confident in your industry knowledge, and it can lead to that all important ‘light bulb’ moment when your client realises that what you have to offer is actually something that they need.

At Zone we’re very proud of our inquisitive techniques and we’d like to share our 3 golden rules for effective questioning that will help you the next time you’re on the phone!

Rule 1 – Listen

Many people make the mistake of thinking telemarketing is all about learning to be a great talker, but in reality it’s all about learning how to turn other people into great talkers. Make sure before making a call you have paper and pen to hand. Always try to picture what the prospect is saying in your mind, this will help you to grasp what they are saying and how their feeling and finally after asking – be quiet… sounds simple but the urge to jump in and fill an awkward silence can be extremely tempting you need to give people time to consider and think.

Rule 2 – Hear what they’re not saying

As with most calls its the awkward first few minutes that are the most important and the hardest to navigate. It’s in this period that guards are up and you need to develop a sixth sense to find those little signs and tells that can earn you that golden ticket to their undivided attention. Remember that prospects are interested to hear what they ‘don’t know’ not what they know already, and the best telemarketers have an impeccable talent for picking up details that were seemingly unspoken to the untrained ear.

Rule 3 – Be a Super Hero

It goes without saying that to sell over the phone you need to adopt the mindset of a problem solver. Sometimes you need to work hard to find your prospects problems and asking the right questions can open an opportunity to become a super hero and take away their pain! “how often does that happen” “How much is that costing you” “how much time does that take” “what’s not working” Wherever possible you should be trying to quantify problems and ask questions that will highlight problems so you can tailor your benefits to build a compelling pitch. Having a quality solution to a tricky problem will put you in a strong position to go for the close.

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