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Personal Data In 2017

Personal Data In 2017

Things just got personal…organising your data in 2017

Data’s just data at the end of the day right? Wrong! There is such a huge difference between your standard run of the mill leads list and a freshly personalised database, and the biggest difference is without doubt new business! The days of scraping 5000 names and emails from random lists are safely locked back in the 90’s. Things have moved on from there and today it’s about pinpointing your sales audience and setting a culture for accuracy, quality and personalisation in your data.

2017 marks the dawn of a new era in personalising your data , there are many ways that you can begin tidying up your act, here’s a few of our top tips for personalised data in 2017.

  • Good databases cost the same as bad databases you always pay to get good data. You can click online and download a cheap/free database but it won’t be up to date. You can buy it from a list provider and then you will have to personalise it. Try blowing the dust of your own database. Or you can get it from an experienced trusted source who will personalise it for you (yay us!). Whatever you do, your time costs money and it’s up to you to choose where and how you will spend it.


  • Bad databases are expensive and are the default option in most cases. This has a real business cost. Get names wrong and you risk annoying prospects, losing their interest, scuppering your chance of building trust and wasting money pumping information via avenues traditional and online to all the wrong people.


  • No database costs money making no choice is also a choice of sorts. It may seem like a saving in the short term but can have direct operational costs to your business longer-term as you struggle to build leads and pipeline efficiently


  • Good databases work if you, or someone else has taken time to build and collect data with your audience’s objectives in mind then it will be relevant, personalised and they will be eager to hear your message and start building the conversation with you.


Remember 90’s style quick wins are a thing of the past, be smart and get personal!

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