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Common Errors Telemarketers Make!

Common Errors Telemarketers Make!

Take a moment to think back…

Can you remember a time in your life when you hung up the phone on a salesman?

No, we couldn’t think of a time either!
Anyone whose been around the telemarketing block will have an entertaining story or two to tell, however as amusing as they seem in hindsight they are certainly not funny when it’s happening in real time.
Here at Zone Marketing we have highlighted 4 common errors to sharpen up your game and keep your success tally as high as possible!

1 – Getting the name wrong

It’s a classic mistake that’s all too easy to make when you’re in the midst of calling dozens of different people every day. Just because it’s an easy mistake to make does not mean it won’t cost you! No one is going to find it easy to trust an organization that can’t even get their name right… Double check, no excuses, get your facts straight.

2 – Dry Tone

Nothing will make a prospect cringe faster than speaking like you just crawled out of bed! Yes, it might be Monday morning, yes, you may be in a terrible mood but if you think that your prospects are going to see your inner beauty through dragging vocal tones…you’ve got another think coming! Remember, ‘smile when you dial’ It really works!

3 – Failing to read the signs

It’s quite common to catch people at a “bad time”, however it’s down to you to discern whether or not you need to dig a little deeper into the call! Failing to read the signs is by far the most common cause of abrupt call endings, so listen carefully, be respectful, and get out of there quickly if you sense that you’re trying their patience.

4 – Rattling off a script Scripts

Everyone knows scripts can be used as an amazing tool to refer back too if you find yourself getting lost for words, however, they are definitely not a substitution for a great conversation. Using vocal dynamics, pitch, pace and positive tones to your advantage will dramatically increase your chances of success! Remember; the last thing a prospect wants to hear is a robotic voice rattling off whatever script they’ve got in-front of them.


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