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5 warning signs your database is letting you down…

5 warning signs your database is letting you down…

5 warning signs your data is letting you down

1 – You still keep it on spreadsheets

In this digital age it’s amazing how many companies still rely on messy inaccurate spreadsheets that don’t make it on to the database or CRM system. If you are a growing business whether buying data from a trusted supplier, or building it yourselves, it’s a waste of time if all your hard work ends up on the scrapheap of spreadsheet confusion
#Tip – transfer all data to your CRM or Database as soon as possible and work in real time.

2 – You don’t use unique identifiers

Applying an individual ID to each record is essential for managing your data accurately and tracking any changes. This unique identifier will remain with the record throughout its history, and although many other things may change, a person’s job , or email , they may change their surname but you can still see it’s the same contact. For example you couldn’t do this if you were using an email address, or telephone number as the core value.
#Tip: allocate a unique ID to everything.

3 – You never add to records
How many times do you go into a record only to find numerous important details missing? Not only that, you will want to build complimentary contacts into records. It takes many contacts to make decisions and you have to reach out to all of them that are relevant. You need to nurture your prospects, be strategic and get the business deal you desire.
#Tip – Add all extra information on to your database as you collect it.

4 – You never de-dupe and clean
This data is rubbish! – sound familiar? There are 10 entries on the database all for the same company with notes all over the place. Cleaning data is a painstaking job that takes time and it’s the first step to success on your sales and marketing campaigns. It’s just as vital to your good reputation too; those who ignore the rules can end up on the wrong side of the law.
#Tip: Maximise the time you spend cleaning and de-duping, efficient cleaning is vital!

5 – You have no standardisation processes
This is probably the most common mistake of all. Everyone is using the same system alright but no two departments, or in some cases two people are using it in the same way. This means the information contained within is unreliable, confusing to use and renders any reporting or analytic functions of the system completely defunct!
#Tip – Put a procedure in place, make sure everyone knows what it is – and stick to it.

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