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5 Things To Look For When Closing A Deal

5 Things To Look For When Closing A Deal

“Not a problem, thank you for taking my call anyway, good bye” * sigh *……… Sound familiar?

‘Closing the deal’ is by far the most rewarding part of any sales gig, it’s also the trickiest! Have you ever thought about what makes it so hard? Why is it that so often the deal manages to slip through our fingers when just a second earlier we thought we were home and dry?

We know the pain! We sympathise!

There’s not one among us that can expect to achieve a 100% closing record, but we’ve put together this list of ‘5 things to look out for when closing a deal’ to help you on your way.

  1. Ensure you talking to the correct person

Ever had a 20 minute phone call with your hairdresser about your flu symptoms because you assumed she was a doctor? Nope me neither. So why is it that this happens so regularly in telesales?

So many people make the mistake of having time consuming conversations with the wrong person. You think you’ve closed the deal until “…it all sounds great however you will need to speak with …” and you’re back to square one. Always start your conversation with who and why you’re calling and then check that they are the correct person to speak to.

  1. “I don’t have time at the moment to meet with anyone”

“I don’t have time to meet with anyone” doesn’t always translate to “stop making my day even worse and leave me alone!” Its probably the truth, so don’t let it put you off. Try offering up another solution, or ask when they are likely to be less busy.

Time is money for business, so these other options with be happily received.

  1. Have ALL the answers!

No answers = No sale.

This is all about knowing what you’re selling. If your prospect is interested they are definitely going to have questions, so make sure you are armed up to the teeth with any and all information about your product/service. Before you make the phone call, write down any likely/possible objections they may have and then prepare solutions. Doing this could be the difference between closing a deal and losing a deal.

  1. Ensure your prospect understands

Don’t bog someone with down too much information, you’re only going to scare them off. Give people the facts, the USP’s the sales pitch gold that’s going to draw them in, if after that your prospect has more questions then you’re in, they are interested!


  1. Don’t constantly try and close the deal

As much as we all want to close the prospect as quick as possible, it’s going to become extremely obvious if that is all your trying to do and you will probably end up losing the deal. Make sure your prospect understands what it is you’re selling, why it will improve their business, how it will make/save them money. Give them time to ask some questions…and again, if they’re asking questions, they ARE interested, …its time to go in for the close!


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