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3 Tips For Professional Objection Handling

3 Tips For Professional Objection Handling

3 Tips For Professional Objection Handling

As much as we all wish it were plain sailing through every call, no conversation is ever without a prospect making some kind of challenge or disagreement with something that’s said. You need to learn to embrace the objections you’re faced with because more often than not they are early signs of interest that need your attention and encouragement.
Learning to handle objections effectively begins with looking at them as opportunities to impress! If you can learn to put a strong positive spin on negative comments, you’ll soon find yourself heading towards success in your calls. It’s important to note that we are not teaching shortcuts or sly techniques for a quick sale as they will never produce a lasting or satisfied client. The vast majority of objection handling requires you to have an authentic understanding of your prospects and their needs.

Here at Zone we’ve gone ahead and put together 3 helpful tips and techniques that we use for effective objection handling.


  1. The Boomerang Technique

The boomerang technique is simply bouncing an objection back to the prospect by repeating what’s been said and showing that you: Understand, Empathies & Relate. Your aim is to offer new information to the prospect, whilst showing them that you’ve taken on board the objection they’ve just flagged up. This technique is a softer approach to objection handling and can used multiple times throughout a conversation.


  1. Proof & Customer References

Nothing eases an objection faster than a good reference and some solid facts about your previous successes. The best time to use this technique is when there may be an opportunity to close a deal. The right reference at the right time can easily sway an interested prospect who just needs a little something just smooth over the bumps. The key thing to look for here is the ‘relevance’ of the material you have to offer, so, make sure you have the necessary information at the ready, and that you’re listening out for an opportunity to direct your prospects to where they might be able to verify your facts.


  1. Pushback

We’re all susceptible to misconceptions from time to time and there will be occasions when your prospects will have objections that you believe to be invalid or untrue. When this happens it can actually help to push back on their comments rather than trying to understand or re-frame the situation. A well-made argument will certainly engage your prospects attention and could help you to change their mind. Just remember to be respectful as misplaced pushback could scupper your chances for good! That


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